Millburn root canal

Millburn Root Canal

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An infected tooth can cause you major discomfort and frustration. Worse still, without prompt care, you could lose the tooth. As Scheier Dental Group, root canal therapy is the treatment that succeeds most of the time in remedying the tooth so that it remains strong and viable in the long run.

A tooth does not spontaneously become infected. Bacteria has to get inside, and under normal circumstances that is not possible. Your teeth are all equipped with an impenetrable protective barrier in the form of the enamel and the dentin beneath it. When that barrier has a hole in it (cavity) or a chip or crack, bacteria can easily take advantage of the opening. You won’t have to wonder if that has occurred because in all likelihood you will suffer pain, especially when you chew food or you put pressure on the tooth. Also common is sensitivity to foods and drinks that are either hot or cold. You may also notice tooth discoloration, gum tenderness, and/or swelling. The more quickly you act to get our Millburn root canal, the better your chances are of a positive outcome. The procedure, which is non-surgical, is performed under local anesthesia, and involves removing the infected pulp and nerve. The canals of the tooth are then cleaned and disinfected. Finally, a filling is added to the canals to seal them, protecting from further infection. That’s all there is to our Millburn root canal. Most patients say that they had very little to no discomfort during it. And after the tooth heals, you’ll get a crown to restore it to normal size and function.

Don’t suffer needlessly, and certainly do not put your tooth at risk for an extraction. All you need do is call our office so that we can arrange a timely appointment for you to come in for an exam and x-rays to determine if you need our Millburn root canal.

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